Harrismith Berg Bohaai

Unfortunately there will be NO Berg Bohaai for 2012.

The Berg "Bohaai" is now in its 10th year. With this festival we bring the people of Harrismith, Intabazwe, Tshiame & Qwa Qwa together. We achieve this by organizing several events from Drummies to Mini Rugby, Boere Sports to Craft markets, Live Entertainment and local shows etc.
    The aim is to: -
  1. Instill pride in our residents for the area we live in.
  2. To get people to work together, especially the local Municipality and (not it's) and rate payers. It is so important for the rural towns to have good relationships, and not be at loggerheads - we would like to promote a win/win relationship!

Berg Bohaai ExhibitionLive Entertainment
You are invited to participate in the exciting Berg Bohaai exhibition which forms part of the Berg "Bohaai" Sports Festival.

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Gala evening with Kurt Daren.
Live entertainment Friday and Saturday by Mean Mr Mustard, Rolmodelle, Fredi Nest, Bobby Van Jaarsveld, Snotkop & Suzanne

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What is the Berg "Bohaai's vision for 2010?
We would like to encourage folk to take charge of their future. We are finding that although we live in a "new South Africa", and people are free to choose their own destiny, many seem to be unable to grasp this fact and benefit from it. It is our aim to encourage and motivate them. For this reason we are launching our "Table Cloth Project". The idea is to hand out tablecloths, napkins, tissue box covers etc, to schoolchildren. They are to get their mothers, fathers, and grannies, to decorate them either in beadwork or embroidery or to paint them. We will then buy the finished article from them, provided the quality is of good standard, and then sell them at the Berg Bohaai. Athletes, such as runners and cyclists, are potential buyers. Thanks to the N3TC Dirty Harry Mountain Race, we already have the buyers in place.

Our future plans include some road races, mountain "cross country" and a night race.
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Gibsen dam on the top of Platberg Mountain with Rensburgs Kop in the distance

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